The 6 Emotions Everyone Leaving Home Will Understand

Whether you're preparing for a year studying abroad, or even just a summer away, leaving the homestead can be a quite a daunting task. Your mind is jumping from overwhelming excitement to crippling anxiety all in the space of a few mere seconds. It's not necessarily enjoyable, but rather an interesting experience overall as you investigate how well you can deal with so much change in such a short period of time. You'll experience a few, if not all, of the named feelings below at some stage of your travels.

1) Longing

You've been planning your trip for months now, it's essential become your whole centre of focus. From holiday shopping to researching major events taking place in your destined country, you just can't wait to actually finally leave and see what all the fuss is about. Get me out of here!

2) Apprehension

It's the night before your flight. Have I packed enough socks? Did I print off all of the visa documents? How am I going to get from the airport to my new house? All of these worries slowly build up in your head. Some of us may falter at this hurdle, but you have to remember to stay strong and know everything will (eventually) work out. There's a reason you're going through all this stress; you're moving away.

3) Sadness


As the plane takes off, an immense feeling of sadness is likely to take over. You're not going to see your friends or family again for several weeks, never mind the food and drink you're leaving behind. However, this is a completely normal reaction. It'd be weird if you weren't even a little sad leaving home.

4) Excitement

A few mid-flight drinks and that new episode of Brooklyn 99 has put you in a more relaxed, excited mood. Fuck it, I'm just gonna take this experience as it comes, the good and the bad. It'll be fucking amazing overall, I just gotta make the most out of it.

5) Flustered

Well that didn't last long. I've landed safely, but now my bag's gone missing and I can't find my passport. There's 10 people calling me at once, and through all this I have to navigate through a city I've never been to before. This is ridiculous! I hate (insert country name)!

6) Acceptance

This is it. All my planning has come to fruition, and I've actually reached my destination without any major flaws. I'm still missing home, but I'm looking forward to seeing what the next few months will bring. This is what it's all about. I'm fucking ready.

Kevin O'Neill
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Hailing from the mean streets of Naas, Kevin has had to work for all the mildly impressive (but limited) things he's achieved in life. With a view to 'hitting the big time', this is one mediocre writer you'd better keep your eye on!

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