6 People You'll Meet While Interrailing

Interrailing is a fantastic experience, allowing you to enjoy a wide-range of different cultures and people in a matter of weeks. There are gonna be a few memorable characters knocking about, but that’s all a part of the experience. If you’ve gone before, you’ll know what I’m talking about…

1) The Mad Cunt

This guy is rarely sober for the entirety of the trip. He has one mission; get eternally fucked up on every drug and alcoholic beverage possible. Although he might be a liability at times, with missed trains and pissed off locals, he’s worth having around for the banter.

2) The 'Taking a Year Out' Girl

She’s hot but she knows it. After finishing a year in Uni, specialising in 18th Century French Art, she decided to take a year out ‘to get away from it all’. She’ll spend the holiday floating from city to city, with about as much interest in meeting other people as a tiger in a grocery shop. In any case, we all know who’s paying for this soirée: Daddy.

3) The Mystery Man

This interesting character travels around on his own. He’s a bit weird, but has a curious vibe about him that makes everybody want to know more. Usually dressed in black from head to toe, he’ll disappear from the hostel in the middle of the night just when you think you’re getting to know him.

4) The Virgin

They're out of their depth from the very beginning. A constant expression of fear and wonder will be found on their face, and you get the impression that they’d always much rather be at home hiding away in their room with the curtains closed. But hey, maybe the trip will release their inner animal?

5) The Douche

The boyfriend of number 2 (see above), he too has just finished his undergrad but decided to follow his boo on her ‘epic journey’ before taking up a managing directors position in papa’s firm. He reckons he’s the most lavish thing since Kim Kardashian’s arse, and he’ll spend more time on Instagram than in any museum/hostel.

6) The Del Boy

This sleazy local knows you’re an unsuspecting tourist in a new part of the world. He’ll try every trick in the book to get some extra cash out of you, from charging you double the price for a brazzer in Amsterdam to making you pay for your bedsheets in that shitty hostel in Prague. Be wary folks.

Kevin O'Neill
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Hailing from the mean streets of Naas, Kevin has had to work for all the mildly impressive (but limited) things he's achieved in life. With a view to 'hitting the big time', this is one mediocre writer you'd better keep your eye on!

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