7 Hurtful Things Guys Say And What They Really Mean

It can be a minefield of dud-explosives to traverse... Picking apart the careless, hurtful and mostly 'false' things a guy can say. The trick is figuring out what he actually means by them, and where its all coming from. Usually its from a sense of insecurity of fear, which he can't fully express. Heres a few to watch out for in conversations.

1. "I don't care...!"

I just can't process whats happening right now exactly, but I really do care, and if you know me at all, you know I do. A LOT. Its just I don't want to say anything even more harmful to make things even worse.

 2. "Whatever."

I'm shutting down this conversation because its annoying. I know exactly what you're saying to me. I get it. Its just that I do want to deal with it... Guys are bad at processing emotions, unlike girls unfortunately.

3. "It Was Just A Joke... Whats Wrong?!"


I really didn't think I'd offend you with that joke... I just tried to make you laugh. I feel really bad now, but I don't want to feel overly responsible, so I'm just going to pull back from the conversation and take as little ownership as possible for having hurt you. Kinda try and make out that its your fault for getting offended or something. Yep. Sorry 'bout that.



4. "You Just Wouldn't Understand... It's A Guy Thing..."

I'd like to keep my guy stuff and my relationship stuff separate sometimes y'know... SO, sometimes I don't want to have to explain it, or let you in on it or whatever... Even though of course I know you'd get it, you're smarter than me gurl...


5. "I'm Just Not Ready To Be In A Relationship With You Right Now..."

If said after sex, then he doesn't want anything more. He got what he wanted and that is literally it. If he says this before sex, he's giving you a chance to walk away and not waste your time... BUT at the back of it all, he's hoping you'll want to fuck just as much as he does, and will now do so on his terms... i.e: NO terms whatsoever! Harsh but true.

6. "Yeah?! Well, You're Nothing But A *Insert Insult Here*...!"

When guys get to a level of biting back in an argument in this way, they sometimes do it out of fear and insecurity (but not all the time... some guys actually are pure ass-holes!)... He's afraid that you don't need him, so he acts like he doesn't need you... Its petty and childish, but that the way it is gals!

7. "I Love You."


I know what you're thinking... "This could be potentially the most hurtful thing he's ever said if he doesn't mean it..." But in all reality, its actually the other way around. If he says this, he means it. I mean that. He loves you. Theres no way around that. Its like, sometimes guys have anti-commitment chips built into their brains, so when we go and say those three words... Its straight up yo'!


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