19 Signs That You're Involved With A Classic F*ckboy

There's a major difference between your typical "bad boy" and the classic "fuckboy." While the bad boy drives a noisy motorbike and keeps you out late, the fuckboy doesn't even bother to pick you up and expects you to get a taxi over to his place at midnight to "hang out." Angsty-mysterious guys can be a pain in the ass and about as deep as a puddle. If the guy you're currently seeing matches any of the signs below then I hate to tell ya, but you've got a fuckboy on your hands.

1. He Says Stuff Like...


"Things are complicated right now/I can't give you what you deserve." Bullshit. Nothing's ever too complicated if you like someone enough.

2. "You Wanna Chill/Hang Out?"



This is his idea of a date. No, no this is not a fucking date.

3. He Is "On A Break" With His Long Term GF.


Yeah he's lying. They're still together. 


4. You Know Zero About His Family.


Hmmmm, it's been three months. Not a promising sign, is it?

5. The Fantasy Date With Him:



He actually turns up when he says he will. Mind is blown.

6. He Continues To Message You.


Even after you found out he was with someone. What an asshole.


7. He's A Bartender.


Enough Said.

8. You Don't Hear From Him For Weeks At A Time.


Then you get a random 'Thinking about you' text at 2am.

9. You Wonder What He's Like in Everyday Life.


Going to work, seeing his mam, having dinner fully dressed. Is he even a real person??


10. He's A Struggling Angst-Ridden Actor.


/Musician/Painter/Poet. He needs time to focus on his passion. Please. What a pretentious load of crap.

11. He Asks For Nude Pics Of You.


Seriously now, just stop. 

12. He Doesn't "Get" Labels.


Probably because he just doesn't want to put in the effort of dating you.


13. Therefore You Haven't A Clue If He's Sleeping With Anyone Else.


Clever fuckboys.  

14. He Has A Man-Bun.




15. He Makes You Listen To His Music/Read His Writing.


Look At His "Art."


16. His Exes Are All "Crazy."


Not every one of your exes could be crazy. The common denominator here is you, twat.  

17. He Makes Unnecessarily Personal Comments About Your Appearance.




18. He Calls You "Pal" Or "Buddy."


No no no no no no no. Just walk away now.


19. They Talk About How Hot Other Girls Are In Front Of You...


Including your best mates. Niiice.




Credit: BritneyLeeSaunders.

Aoife Loughnane

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