23 Reasons Why Your College Friends Will Be Your Friends Forever

Ahhh, college. It's the place where you cried after your first journalism exam, ate pizza after 3am most weekends, and where you first got your heart broken. But, college is also the place you meet the most wonderful friends - friends that last forever. I think we'll all agree that below are some reasons why your college friends will last forever.

1. Because of them you have great taste in music and you're forever in debt to them now.


Without your college friends, you'd still be listening to Coldplay. Keep these friends for life.

2. You've helped each other realise what you want the most in life.



Do I want to continue my schooling? Should I study arts or business? Where do I move to after college? These friends helped you through these tough decisions, and you'll be forever grateful.

3. They've seen the worst of you. Literally.


They were the ones grabbing you fast food when you were puking in your toilet after 7 too many shots of tequila. But hey, you did it for them!

4. You've grown into independent adults together.



You went through your firsts together: first time paying bills, first time having a one-night stand, first time interviewing for your big-girl job. Those experiences with them are irreplaceable and helped shape you into the badass adult you are today.

5. No one makes you laugh as hard as they do.


Why are your college friends the funniest people in the entire fucking world? You don't know why, but you do know no one has friends funnier than yours.

6. Late night study sessions bonded you for life.



That all-nighter could not have been done without them.

7. They listened to all that boy drama.


....And it was A LOT.


8. Your family loves them more than they love you.


Seriously. You sister calls your college friends more than she calls you.

9. Their closet is your closet - and vice versa.


They know that black crop top looks fab on you, so they have no problem sharing it.


10. They get along with your friends from home.


SO VITAL - and it makes your heart happy.

11. They introduced you to people you'll never forget.



You would have never met that cool guy from your college's improv group or that hilarious girl who works at that cool AF bookshop without your college friends introducing you.

12. Food is literally a passion you'll share for a lifetime.


They understand that donuts are small, voluptuous pieces of heaven and they take pride in treating them as such.

13. Boundaries aren't a thing, and never will be.



Like, excuse me? Boundaries? We threw that out the window the first day we met.

14. You guys are upfront with each other.


The truth isn't always pretty, but you know it comes from a loving place.


15. You've lived together.


You know each other's routines, and it kinda makes you love them more.

16. They're the best people to do literally nothing with.


No pants, glasses on, The Office episodes playing on repeat all day - and they are right there next to you on the couch.


17. They were there with a bottle of wine after a hard day.


Cabernet sauvignon poured.

18. You're each other's biggest fans.



You brag about each other's accomplishments to other people as if you're each other's parents.

19. You can talk about anything and everything.


No topic is off limits, and it allows you to learn new things about each other.

20. They know your tea order by heart...and have it made already.



A dash of milk with a chocolate biscuit.

21. They would never judge you.


And what a relief.

22. They've been your rock for the hard times...



Sometimes a shoulder to lean on is all you need, and they've been the ones to provide a shoulder anytime you need it.

23...But, most importantly, they've been next to you through all the good times.


Music festivals, wild holidays, unforgettable parties, sleepless nights - these friends gave you memories that will always put a smile on your face.


Credit: Buzzfeed

Ciara O'Shea

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