7 Signs Your Roommate Is A Complete Nightmare...

This one goes out to anyone out there living with narky, high-maintenance housemates, which, let's face it, there are many of. Hopefully, these 7 signs will help you spot one if you haven’t already. This is all based on personal experience (in case you haven’t guessed) but I've moved on now. *Assholes*

1) It Was Love At First Sight

So you’ve been living in the house/flat/shed for about 2 weeks now. Everything seems to be going alright, yet, you can’t help but notice that your friendly co-tenant keeps making jokes about the fact that you used his/ her frying pan last night. Ah, just laugh it off. There's probably just trying to break the ice. #banter

2) Then You Battled Fire with Fire

It’s about a month into the lease, and your newly-bought Lidl chicken fillets have gone missing. *Insert male/female name* couldn’t have taken them, could they? I mean, I know I used some of their butter last week. Nah that’s ridiculous, I must have eaten them and forgotten about it. That must have been exactly what happened.

3) You Begin To Notice Written Warnings

This is where the alarm bells will start to ring. You probably weren’t expecting it all, but your relatively normal activity over the past few weeks has been irritating the suspected nightmare in the house. You might just wake-up after a night out with a note on your door, demanding that you clean-up the ‘mess’ left after pre-drinks. There's a time and a place people.

4) The Bitching Increases

He/she really has it out for you and your ‘barbaric’ lifestyle. This news will come from your other housemate, who has been helplessly trapped in the middle. They can’t understand it either Ii mean, it is college at the end of the day. Still, start preparing yourself for the worst. There's a war on the horizon...

5) Cat got your tongue?

Your relationship with the nightmare has completely broken down. The awkward, polite chat of the past has now been replaced with cold shoulders and undeniable blanking. They won’t acknowledge you at all, and merely communicate through the third party housemate. Well, this is sufficiently awkward.

6) You Can Now Do Nothing Right, Whatsoever

We’re at boiling point here, people. The silence has ended, and they've finally plucked up the courage to question the fact that you used the washing machine twice last week. You’re a bit shocked, but quickly remember that they used it at least three times the week before. This will be met with complete denial. The nightmare isn’t only an extreme pain in the arse, but a major hypocrite too.


The confrontation has been building up for the past few weeks and now finally, it spills over. At this point, you’re either in the midst of a heated screaming match or have genuinely been reduced to scrap. This might serve to clear the air (in which case, you may actually work things out afterwards) or it might mark the end of your short time together as co-tenants. Oh well, least you tried. Kind of.

If you’re experiencing any one of the above signs, be sure to act immediately. Stop the nightmare before it really begins.

Kevin O'Neill
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Hailing from the mean streets of Naas, Kevin has had to work for all the mildly impressive (but limited) things he's achieved in life. With a view to 'hitting the big time', this is one mediocre writer you'd better keep your eye on!

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