The Worst Roommates You Can Have In College...

Over your years at college, you'll end up living with a varied selection of personalities. Here are the seven worst flatmates you can have. Try to spot them early, so you can avoid at all costs. If you recognise any of these qualities in yourself, make a change!

The Food Thief

I can understand if you need some bread or a bit of jam, but keep your grubby hands off my food when you come in after a night out. That means you too, stoners.

The Bathroom Monster

After Christmas, my bathroom is replenished with delightful new smellies that are far too pricey for my normal student budget. Using the old Nivea once in a while is not a big issue, but tapping into my brand new organic skincare will not be taken kindly.

If you're a person who leaves skid marks on the toilet, you're in for some serious trouble. Flush that shit away. Literally.


The Insomniac

Sleep as little as you want, but wake me up and you'll have the wrath of Satan on your hands.

The Slut

Good on you for bringing someone home, but nobody wants to find random people's underwear strewn across the kitchen/hall. Also, keep the sex noises to a minimum please. There's nothing worse than hearing your mate battering some chick into the wall between your two rooms.

The 'I'm no fun at all' Flatmate

If "Could you turn that down a bit?" keeps coming in to tell you off when you're being a perfectly reasonable young human being, tell them to fuck off. Or, inform them that they're living in a house, not a library.


The Messy One

Keep your own room as messy as you like, but try not to leave mouldy cups and furry plates of food around the TV room. I would love to eat my dinner off one of those plates someday. As for those of you who put your teabags in the sink, WHY?! Just put them in the fucking bin!

The Clean Freak

"Could you just move your legs so I can clean please?" No I can't. You're making me feel unnecessarily guilty and we cleaned the house only yesterday.

While it's wonderful to live with tidy people, don't turn into a complete lunatic and scrub the place down everytime someone sneezes. You will lose friends. Fast.

Alex Langley
Article written by
Alex is a History of Art & Philosophy graduate from the illustrious Trinity College, which makes her a natural fit for College Times. She spends Monday to Friday writing smut and her weekends thinking deeply and History of Arting.

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