7 Things That Happen When The After-Party Doesn't End

There's nothing quite like a good after-party. You've been to predrinks, you got to the club and now you're gonna go back and wreck someone's house and it's gonna be fuckin' great. Eventually though the party will die down and that's when things can get very messy, and sometimes very weird, even a little scary.


1. "Not My House, Not My Problem"

Don't be this person. Just because there's a marker in front of you doesn't mean you have to be that person. When the opportunity presents itself or when the alcohol level is just right people start to get destructive. Fuck every piece of furniture cos it's getting a fucking bodyslam. Fuck all your ornaments and mirrors, now they've got dicks on em.

2. Someone's Not Gonna Be Able To Hold It

Nothing says after party like someone puking their guts up then passing out in the bathroom until the morning so everyone has to start pissing outside. Then your garden smells bad and the poor grass dies.



3. The Host Taps Out

Sometimes the party just becomes too much and you gotta call it a night. When everyone is still raging but the host is nowhere to be seen it makes the whole thing that little bit messier. You also run the risk of them sobering up from the nap then freaking out that people are still there at five in the morning. Everyone's still going strong then all of a sudden ye're all thrown out watching the sun come up. Good way to ruin the buzz.


4. The Lovin' Room


Things can get very weird at after sessions, especially when there's a big crowd. Everyone's inhibitions are lowered and people start to get frisky. When that happens there's almost always a room that just ends up being designated to riding for the rest of the night.

5. Noise Complaints

Some people just don't want you to have fun so they call the police on your little party.  All you can do then is get the most sober person to talk to them, move the crowd away from the front door and play the "oh I was just having a few friends over, I didn't realize it had gotten so loud. We'll make sure to keep it down officer."


6. The Spoil Sport


Eventually the granny is gonna stop sipping their fruity kids drink and start cleaning while the party is still going strong, or they'll tell the people in the lovin room that it's about time they stopped their orgy. They might even have been the one to call the police on you. Anyway these people are only good for the morning because they'll more than likely stay and clean up.

7. The Stragglers

The music has now just become shitty techno, everyone is sitting down or passed out. The sun is coming through the window and yet there's still some people trying to find the song that will energize everyone again. The session has come to it's natural end but people are willing to search for whatever drink is left in the house. The partying never ends.


Video: What It's Like To Be A Rando At A Party



Sean Quigley

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