8 Things You Don't Need To Have Sorted By The Time You're 30

8 Things You Don't Need To Have Sorted By The Time You're 30

The big 3-0. Code for the apocalypse is coming. Everyone has to have certain goals reached by the time D (deadline) Day arrives and if you don't, well there'll be consequences. There's so many articles out telling us what we should be doing in our twenties. Travel? Tick. Promising career? Tick. Settle down? Tick. Single? Get a cat. And so many of us freak out - we worry we're falling behind, start comparing ourselves to others. Just so you're aware, there are things you don't need to accomplish by 30.


1. Find the one

If you look at your other half and think, 'I'm going to marry you, ' then great. If you're roaming around Coppers at 2am kissing randoms then that's grand too. Just don't panic if you haven't met 'the one' yet. Worrying isn't going to help the situation and these things just tend to happen in their own time.

Also ignore all the lovey dovey Instagram and Facebook posts from couples. Social media can fuel our anxiety and most of it's fake anyway. Let's be honest, the massive fight your friend had with her boyfriend in the taxi home is hardly gonna make the cut is it?

2. Rent a gaff


Sure, it's not ideal to be living at home with the folks at 30 - still being asked to clean your room makes you die inside a little bit - but sky high rents that show no signs of shrinking should make you feel less bad about it. Think of the money you'll get to save for a house you'll never be afford to buy? Winning.


3. Own a gaff

Hats off to anyone who owns their own house at 30. Between landing the permanent job with a salary that a bank will give you a substantial loan for and saving for a deposit, buying a house is no mean feat.

However, the reality is a lot of us are in short-term contracts and are struggling to pay rent. It's okay to just dream about being a property owner for the time being.


4. Travel

Travelling in our twenties is something that's drilled into us. It's a time consuming and stressful experience with a massive pay off but it's not for everyone. If you can't afford to travel at the minute, don't worry about it. South America will still be there in your thirties.

Just don't forget to throw your walking stick into the backpack!


5. Have your future planned


Don't have everything figured out? Not to fear, we could have the next 30 years mapped out and life will still manage to throw us a curveball that will send everything into orbit. Things happen beyond our control and while it's good to have something that resembles a plan, the best we can do sometimes is just to go with the flow.

6. Mastering the art of 'not being awkward'

The awkward situations get worse as we get older, our participation just comes with a few more wrinkles.


7. Making wise decisions

You're not going to wake up on your 30th and start reciting quotes that would give Gandhi a run for his money. You'll still make terrible decisions, just hopefully there'll be less of them and you won't be hungover the next morning.

8. Pickiness

Just because you're turning 30, does not mean you have to get desperate! Swipe left, even if you'd happily date their dog.

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