7 Tips To Help You Feel Bikini Ready...

Ok so right now summer is pretty much here and putting my body is something that terrifies the absolute shit out of me. Even if I HAD been spending the odd evening at the gym, I still wouldn't feel confident getting my whole bod out. If you feel the same, why not try introduce these small changes over the next couple of weeks...

1. Take it slow

Want to get fit? Don't aim too high, too fast because you'll just get put off. Start by doing little bit each day to ease you into it. Set aside 10 minutes to work on your abs or tone your legs – that’s all it takes. You can easily build it up week after week throughout the summer once you incorporate the routine into your lifestyle.

 2. Drink more water

You have to up your water intake to keep bloat at bay and help salty foods digest easier. More water won’t cause you to actually lose weight, but it will work wonders for your body and your complexion.

3. Stop being so hard on yourself


Take some time to pick out the things you like about your body. (Instead of standing in front of the mirror picking out all the bits you don't like.) Get rid of all negative thoughts!

4. Try it on.

Honesty. Put on that bikini and wear it around your apartment you'll get used to how your body looks and stop being so shocked when you see yourself in so little clothes. It sounds mad, but it trains you to subconsciously normalise wearing less. Trust me, it works.

5. Put on some tan.

I don't need to write a paragraph for this- tanned skin= confident gal. It softens any visible skin blemishes and makes you feel thinnner and more confident in yourself. (Well, me anyway)

6. Exfoliate yo'self!

You obviously want soft skin so slough away the dead winter layers with a tough scrub in the shower. Salt scrubs are a favorite of mine, and can be bought or made pretty cheaply.

7. Try out some different styles

Not all bikinis are the same.It might be your actual swimsuit thats making you feel awful. Experiment with different styles and cuts. Sometimes this can make all the difference to how confident you feel.

College Times Staff

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