7 Ways To Survive Summer When You're Legit Broke

Summer is a difficult time because all your rich friends are off on the other side of the world for a month and you're trying to decide whether to splurge on name brand noodles. Living on the cheap is pretty grim alright.

1. Family is exploitable.

Parent's are your endless supply of food. Any time you don't feel like cooking or just don't feel like going to the shop, don't want to spend the money drop in to them and get dinner. Pro tip, if they offer you money don't take it. They'll notice you borrowing money and get annoyed with that a lot faster than you dropping in for dinner or sneaking some food.

2. Pre-drinking.

Get yourself nicely fucked up before going out. Takes discipline to not spend any money on a night out but if you can get yourself well buzzed and just have enough after to keep it going you're golden.

3. Only Cheap list.


There are apps you can use to see if there are any promotions, have a look around and see if there are any free lists or if there's a time it's free in. Full price is for losers.


4. Holiday without leaving the country.

There's plenty your own country has to offer. Go on a cheap little adventure or book early to get as much off plane tickets as you can.


5. Sell something you don't use.

A lot of college students have the summer completely free. They're more likely to try learn something during the summer so if you have an old guitar see if anyone's interested. Even some clothes that you don't like anymore try and sell 'em for some quick cash.


6. Budget.

This is the shitty boring part. You've to spend smart and make some decisions about what you really need. Takeout or beers?

7. Volunteer for festival tickets.


Festivals are expensive and most of your friends are going to be going to them. It's shitty having to miss out on that but you can volunteer to work at or help set up in exchange for tickets. You'll be working a bit but you'll get time off and they usually give you one full day off.


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