8 Drunk Texts You Have Definitely Sent To Your Best Friend

Why is it that when you're sober, auto correct is all over your texting, fixing shit left and right, but when you're drunk AF, auto correct leaves you high and dry?! Ah well. You probably shouldn't have been texting in the first place. At least it was just your bestie you sent these texts to (we can't really help you with those Snapchat mistakes though).

1. "where r yu"

TRANSLATED: Where the fuck did you go?

2. "lol i jus got sicck."


TRANSLATED: I just puked in the bathroom at the pub and I'm pretty sure no one saw, but could you get me another pint?


3. "srioulsly im goin home w him"

TRANSLATED: I am going to have sex with him and you can't stop me.


4. "o mg HELP me!!!!"

TRANSLATED: This could mean anything from "I'm hungry" to "there's a creepy dude talking to me." Use your best judgement.


5. "u r srisuly being a bitxh"

TRANSLATED: You are being a total bitch right now. If you asked me why, I probably couldn't tell you, but all I know is that you're a total bitch.

6. "pizza?"



7. "i jus want to tell u i luv u a   lot nd now im crying lol but i promsie i do like im drunkk but i luve u"

TRANSLATED: I just want to remind you that I love you. I also happen to be crying.


8. "r u annoyd w me??"

TRANSLATED: You're online and you saw my message and you haven't written back. Why is this.


Credit: BuzzfeedYellow.

Ciara O'Shea

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