The 8 Types Of People You Meet In A Tutorial

#1 : The Suckup

"I think what you're saying is really insightful and it resonates with me deeply, in fact I was reading your book the other day....". Let's face it, practically every tutorial would not be complete without one of these typical teacher's pets. Since the dawn of time and right through the stages of your life it's certain that you've met many along the way, yet every single one happens to be particularly annoying in their own special way.

#2 : The Silent One

These people are always really, really interested in something on the ground. It might be a pen lid or even a bit of paper, who knows? One thing is certain - for the 12 hours or so that you happen to be in the same room as them, they will not say a word. Not even hello.

#3 : The Great Pretender


They know they haven't done the reading. You know they haven't done it. Even the teaching assistant knows, but somehow all is forgiven because of the total mess they make of everything they say. At the very least it makes for fun listening.

#4 : The Hater

Whatever you say, whatever you do, you can always count on them disagreeing with it and telling you how inaccurate and wrong you are. This is especially common if you act like a suckup to begin with.

#5 : The Retired Mature Student


Maybe they want to come in to learn. Maybe they're coming to college to think they're 19 again. But maybe, just maybe, they exist to prove to you that apparently, the older you are, the better you are at understanding everything - everything to much higher level than the pathetic twentysomethings you're surrounded by.

#6 : The Dictator

If there's anything to be said, all that matters is they have to say it. From nine 'til five these people seem to have unstoppable vocal cords and talk to the extent that you can't speak over them without shattering a window. It doesn't matter if they're even right, getting a single word in to silence them is about as likely as having a deeply academic conversation in a nightclub.

#7 : The Wannabe Philosopher

They think they're onto something big here. Something so daunting and important that will undermine all the lecturers, experts and renowned thinkers the world over. Aren't you lucky that it's happened in your tutorial?

#8 : The Politician

They use your tutorial as an excuse to protest about whatever they adamantly believe is right for everyone, without listening to anyone but themselves. These people have the capacity to make even the most neutral of modules a hot political debate, assuming that everyone around them has an opinion on it. Think reading the Very Hungry Caterpillar is an extreme violation of animal rights.

Aaron Meredith
Article written by
First year at Trinity, English & Philosophy student, closet football fan, experienced cocktail mixer and hair bleacher. Feeling like the only Belfastard in Dublin.

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