8 Weighs To Let People Know You Go To The Gym

It's January, you're probably just about still working out and keeping to your New Year's resolution of going to the gym but more importantly, you need to let everyone

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A really good way to let people know you're lean, and love going to workout, is to keep a giant jar of protein in a highly visible area. Never hide the fact you take protein...

The shaker is soo soo important, I can't stress this enough. Have it with you at all times, carry it to work, drink all your fluids from it, don't let it leave your sight, then people will know you're swole.


This, of course means selfies, inside the gym and outside. Instagram the shit out of everything, photo shop if needs be, and always Utilize cool hashtags like #gymrat, #teamfit and #squats.

Remember, you're bulking, so Leaving areas like legs and abs completely un-refined will help others realise you are a muscle bound god.

Sleeves are for small arms, big arms rock the sleeveless lowest cut possible wife beater, paired with some trousers, because, lets face it, who actually even does legs these days?

Office, College, Library, their is always time for a few pull ups or sprints. Make sure all the chicks / dudes (whatever you're into) are watching, otherwise your show of supreme strength is going to waste.

Once again it's so important you instagram the shit out of every meal, post it to every possible social network and never, ever eat carbs. Or let anyone see you are anyway - Cheat days are grand.

How better to show everyone your super lean than actually bringing them along. Convince your friends to join your Gym! To make sure they go as much as you do by incessantly harassing them all day.. Remember you are making them a better person, even if they don't see it at first!

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