9 Health Benefits About Chocolate That Every College Girl Needs To Know

Are you a chocoholic? If you're anything like us, then the answer is yes. A fridge filled with chocolate is as beautiful as a takeaway when you're hammered. Or a total ride matching you on Tinder.  It really is the best gift 'cause it can melt our heart in a microsecond, but we often make ourselves feel guilty for loving this sweet temptation. Here's a few reasons why having that choccy cake isn't the worst thing in the world after all...

1. Royal Remedy


Nothing pampers a broken heart the way chocolate does. Nope, not even vodka cause chocolate doesn't make you feel like shit the next day...Well, unless you literally had a fridge-full. And so what if you did? Ok this is besides the point. Having it during our gloomy times gives us some solace that can never be put into words. It acts as an antidepressant, and this is the reason why we search for chocolates when anything shite happens to us.

2. Energy Booster


Wrecked after a day of skipping college lectures? Don't worry babe, just carry some chocolate with you. It contains caffeine which provides you with instant energy thus perking up your mood! Yussss...On to the student bar!

3. Helpful Hurricane


Cocoa is good for the circulatory system because it's rich in phenolics, a chemical which lowers the risk of blood clots, heart diseases, strokes and diabetes. Sounds good.


4. Dark Chocolate Is Better!


Consumption of dark chocolate is better than white chocolate 'cause it's less processed. Moreover, dark chocolate fights the ageing process, as well as keeping your teeth white and combating tooth cavities. Listen, chocolate's chocolate right?

5. Beauty



It has been proven that pure chocolate wards off acne. It also soothes your sunburn and keeps you hydrated, thus making your skin glow. Eating chocolate and getting better looking? I'll take that.




6. Slimming And Trimming


We got a bitta that college belly right? Well, chocolate contains stearic acid, a fat which fights bad cholesterol in your blood thus cutting down the liver's output of fat. Cancel that gym membership so.

7. Replacement



The antioxidant properties of chocolates are five times higher than that of tea and it also contains less caffeine than coffee. So why not replace your daily tea and coffee intake with chocolate?! Sure give it a go anyway...

8. Healthy You


Chocolate fat keeps your immune system healthy and it reduces your susceptibility to inflammations and infections. Chocolate also boosts neurotransmitters controlling your mood and sleep. Plus, it suppresses the vagus nerve that causes coughing. It's basically all you should be eating really. Have this info ready when your Mam is forcing you to eat your broccoli again.


9. The Saviour


Chocolate helps you deal with mental maths, so the next time you face a difficulty like figuring out how the fuck you're gonna afford rent after that three day bender you just went on, just make yourself a hot chocolate and aaall your problems will be sorted.


Video: Health By Chocolate - Why YOU Should Eat More! - Saturday Strategy

Credit: FitLifeTV


Aoife Loughnane

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