The 9 Most Inspirational Sports Speeches Ever

CollegeTimes decided to put together a few lists of our favourite speeches throughout history because they rock, even if you don't play sports. Here are the best and most inspirational speeches by sports figures of all time. Get ready to be pumped.

Paul O 'Connell

The now infamous 'Manic Agression' Speech. In the absence of captain Brain O'Driscoll in 2007 v France POC stepped in at the last minute to make one of the best speeches ever by an Irishman.


Tashard Choice


Georgia Tech captain Tashard Choice gave one of the most epic pregame speeches after missing some time with an injury before his teams battle and win over arch rivals Clemson in which Choice gave a MVP performance. Talk about goosebumps.


Michael Irvin

Michael Irvin will go down as one of the best players to play in the NFL but his off-the-field issues often overshadowed his accomplishments on it. The Hall of Fame speeches are known for big men breaking down but this speech really almost had us in tears.



Tim Tebow

Ok, last of the American Foozeball speeches but they're just so good at making dramatic Oscar-like moments. None more so then Son-of-God Tim Tebow, you should know who this guy is by now but if you didn't, this will give you an understanding of his mentality. All he does is win.



I Am A Champion

Random, unknown high school coach gives one of the most intensely motivating pre whatever speeches. Listen to it in the morning before school or work, listen before a game, listen when you go to bed... You will feel like a champion.



Sir Ian Mc Geechan

Some legendary stuff from the most legendary Lions coach of all time. Geech gave a calm emotional speech before breaking down in tears just hours before the final Lions test of the 2009 tour in South Africa and the final game of his Lions career, a game they won.



The Greatest Ever

Muhammad Ali is arguably the greatest boxer of all time, and without doubt the most charismatic, energetic and best self promoting boxer ever. Every time he spoke something great would come out, but perhaps his best speech came prior to his fight with George Foreman. Bad Ass!


Coach Valvano


“Cancer can take away all of my physical abilities. It cannot touch my mind, it cannot touch my heart, and it cannot touch my soul.”

Jim Valvano was known for coaching the massive underdog NC State team to a 1973 National Championship in Basketball as well as his massive character and enthusiasm. Upon collecting a humanitarian award in 1993 he gave one of the most entertaining and emotional speeches just weeks before his death.


Neil Warnock

Famous for his rants, footy manager Neil Warnock gave his Huddersfield side absolute hell when they came into the changing room trailing at half time. It motivated them to go on and win however.

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