9 Signs You're A Student On Work Placement

You once were young and wild, without a care in the world. Your biggest concern was which off-licence sold the cheapest naggin and your biggest worry was missing your bus home on a Friday. But now things are different and you’ve just begun your initiation into the real world.

Work Placement

Your first day goes rather well, even though nerves are threatening to make you poo yourself. You decide that maybe work placement won’t be that bad. And that’s the moment. When you think you’re safe and you maybe this whole thing will be a breeze. That’s when your student life is over.

Early Mornings

The last time you had to be up this early was in school. You physically have to drag yourself out of bed after a silent pep talk, or else you may die here, comfortably in the warmth of your bed. The only thing comfier than your bed seems to be your desk chair.


Making New Friends

Let’s face it. Nobody likes making new friends. It’s unpleasant and awkward and filled with ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’. However, sometimes you’re left with no choice in the workplace. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you may find yourself working with people of your own age. Alternatively, you are the youngest person in the building and turn to Twitter as your only means of 21st century conversation.

Drinking Coffee

There’s something about the workplace that makes a person turn to caffeine. Perhaps it’s the early mornings or the sheer boredom that making a cuppa promises to diminish. Either way, you will find yourself drinking cups, jugs, GALLONS of the stuff.


Missing TV Shows

It’s just not fair. Your friends sit at home all day watching a TV series at a time. Meanwhile, you are seasons behind on your favourite shows and are lucky if you get in 10 minutes of Home & Away before you retreat to your bed.

Envying Students

You hate students. They’re so carefree and reckless.  You envy them for their lack of responsibility. I mean, they don’t have any idea what the real world is like! You’re really getting old…


Becoming Domesticated

One good thing that has come from your experience as an adult is your ever improving lifestyle. You’re becoming more domesticated by the second. You pride yourself of every meal you make and even feel sophisticated when you take your washing powder to the till in Aldi.

Sympathising with your Parents

Now that you’re old, you feel yourself empathising with your parents. You completely get why they hate coming home to a messy house and used to grunt every time you asked for a fiver for your lunch. You even find yourself laughing along when they make stupid jokes and your younger brother and sister are MORTO!!



It’s glorious! Every syllable is like music to your ears. You spend the whole day before telling everyone that you’re getting paid tomorrow and your days of scraping the mould off your bread will be over….well, at least for another month.


It’s lousy! Mammy and Daddy have been supporting you for two years and now when you have a bit of cash in the pocket, they spring it on you. “Now that you have your own money love, you’ll be able to pay rent and bills yourself” ….Thanks MOTHER!

Becky Fogarty
Article written by
I am a New Media & English student studying at the University of Limerick. I present my own radio show on ULFM and write a popular personal blog on wordpress: I also Vine and am very active on Twitter.

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