9 Terrifying Horror Movies You Have To Watch This Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching guys, so here are 9 movies that are sure to have you up all night, cowering under the covers.

1.  The Blair Witch Project


Three aspiring film students travel to Maryland to film a documentary on the local Blair Witch legend only for them to go missing, leaving only their footage behind. It's pretty creepy, and definitely worth the watch.

2. The Grudge



This Japanese horror isn't scary, it's terrifying.

3. The Silence Of The Lambs


A personal favourite of mine, this is the type of horror you watch if bone-chilling creepiness is more your style as opposed to jumpy scares. This movie stars Anthony Hopkins as the grim Hannibal Lecter, who is sure to be in your nightmares for days to come.


4. Paranormal Activity


Seeing how the newest in the series is out this month, why not watch the original? And then you'll probably want to watch the 2nd one... then the 3rd... then the 4th... and then the 5th in theaters.


5. Halloween


What better movie to watch on Halloween than Halloween itself? Michael Myers returns from a mental asylum 15 years after his 6 year old former self stabbed his older sister. He comes back to try and kill teenagers, so it makes us feel really unsafe.

6. The Exorcist



What makes this scary is the fact that it's based on an actual exorcism. The actual priest who performed the exorcism was part of the film crew, it's also believed that some very strange things happened during filming... I'm already scared.

7. Saw


If blood and guts are your thing, then look nowhere else but Saw.


8. The Shining


The Shining focuses on spine-chilling tension more than anything, and it does a great job of it. It's sure to have you panicking and might possibly put you at danger of a heart attack. (just kidding, not really... well hopefully not.)

9. The Conjuring


Arguably the best horror film of the last few years, The Conjuring has it all; jumpy scares, eeriness, unpredictability and it's also based on real events. If you watch this and don't even get scared in the slightest, you're made of steel, my friend.

Jordan Whyte

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