9 Things Every BESS Student Is Sick Of Hearing

The dictionary defines Stereotype as - 'A widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or group'

Most groups deny or attempt at least to distance themselves from pre conceived views however for better or worse BESS students tend to live up to their stereotype in admirable/painful fashion.

In truth most of us 'BESSheads' are sound enough people who don't take themselves too seriously and will be the first to laugh at a joke that has us as the butt.

Here is 9 things that we hate hearing, many of which we just in fact pretend to hate.

1. 'BESS is just glorified arts'

Yes we study arts subjects, no we do not necessarily come out with an arts degree and believe it or not job employers do know the difference between the two courses not to mention the 150 points or so difference in attaining a place.


2. '(Fill in name here) did BESS and said it was really easy'

Yes, I understand your sister or brother may have found it easy, one question, what subjects did they choose?

3. 'Is formal wear compulsory in BESS?'

Whilst other colleges have perfected the 'rolled out of bed look', we take pride in our appearance and so what... you're not bringing us down with you.


4.'What does BESS even stand for?'

Business Economics, something and another thing, don't ask me I don't know either. But it sounds good.

5.'He does BESS,he must have fell just short of Law/Medicine'

No, it is in fact possible BESS was a first choice, but whisper it quietly...



6.'How do you know someone goes to Trinity?... They'll tell you'

Yeah yeah yeah we've heard the joke.. broken record.


7.'Damson or PYG this Sunday?'

Whilst we do actually go to other nightspots aside from PYG and Damson, to answer your question I think its PYG then Damson this Sunday.

8.'Do you really believe you're the BESS-t'

My personal favourite; no a small minority thought it'd be humorous to put this on the back of a hoodie, it wasn't.



After all that taking the mick out of us, a favour please?

9.'Can you get me a BESS/Trinity Ball ticket?'

After all the slagging and joking, finally, the dreaded text from friends who previously were only so quick to remind you of any Trinity downfall… They always come back begging that time of year.

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