9 Things People Do When They're Under The Influence...

We all like to let loose every now and then. Whether it be at a mad rave, a wild house party or even in the quiet privacy of our own home, sometimes the need to escape from reality for a few hours takes over and we indulge in a a bit more than we usually would. I myself have been guilty of this on an occasion or two and I’ve spent my recent adventures observing and making note of some most notorious situations you might find yourself in.

Moving on, here’s the ten things your bound to encounter when stepping aboard the night train to a different world.

• Everybody is your friend. Even the biggest pricks turn out to be alright when they’re letting loose. Best friends are made and relationships repaired. Whether anybody actually remembers the next day is still up for debate.


• A conversation with old friend you happen to have lost touch with. Queue some fantastic reminiscing and a promise to go do an activity you both once loved the following day or later that week. Classic!



• Lovebuzzzzz. There’s two parts to this badboy. First up you’ve got the ‘romantic’ type of lovebuzz, because surely there is nothing more romantic than a sweaty wide eyed man professing his love for a much cherished partner/girlfriend/random stranger,


• The second lovebuzz is reserved for close friends. You might hear a corker like ‘we’re the best lads in here’ and possibly some sort of ‘your my best friends statement’,you might even get a bit rowdy.



• The music chat. There’s always one musical expert who will rear his head at the opportune time to voice his knowledge on whatever DJ/performer/ipod is playing. ‘Have you ever heard this lads essential mix from 1993, it was the most downloaded on iTunes that year’ ---sure pal!

• Standard convo

1st character: ‘Is that Ben Pearce?’

2nd character: “No that’s Huxley’

3rd more knowledgeable slightly older character: Lads that’s Tiga


All characters nod in agreement at seemingly wiser clubber

It is in fact the lighting technician.



• For about ten minutes in the night you will be one of the world’s greatest dancers. You’ve got a new move you’re doing with your arms which you’ve decided you’re always going to use from now on. How come nobody ever thought of this one?



• There’s always one overly, ridiculously sweaty lad. If you don’t know who it is I’ve got news for you, it’s you!



• The random introduction of new member to the group. It all starts out so well until he gets a bit creepy. Queue mass hysteria and a gradual avoidance. He’s not one of us!!!!!



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