You Can Now Get Paid To Stalk People On Social Media

You Can Now Get Paid To Stalk People On Social Media

Stalking on social media has become part and parcel of everyday life, none of us are impervious to occasionally being tempted to scope out a crush or look up an ex, while others are single-handedly training themselves for a career the FBI.

Jokes about working as a professional stalker aside, you can actually now work as a professional stalker. If you're a dab hand at Instagram, Twitter and Facebook then people will pay you to find out all the details about their future romantic conquest.

Andy Bartram, from Kent, saw the possibility of stalking as a career and started his own business, a private investigation agency called Vet Your Date. Andy started up the business venture to help singletons against trolls, fake profiles, scammers and catfishers.

Previously working as an intelligence analyst for ten years, Andy can find out if someone is real using several methods including assessing their profile picture, address or contact details.

Andy's most popular clients are people who are regularly catfished. Daters can check out their romantic interests before they meet offline from Tinder and Bumble by paying a fee of £20.


If the client doesn't receive any new information they may receive a refund. While it might give online daters a sense of relief, the future is terrifying all the same.

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