The Best County To Use Tinder In Ireland Has Been Revealed

The Best County To Use Tinder In Ireland Has Been Revealed

Online dating isn't a walk in the park and if you're sick of increasing the radius on Tinder to avoid the locals, it might just be a case of moving county.

According to Tinder, which releases trends on the app for the first time ever, Limerick was ninth on the list of the biggest users of Tinder.

With nearly 200,000 people living in Limerick, you have plenty of opportunities to get the shift.

Although the numbers won't reveal just how successful these people are at dating, it does mean a LOT of those 200,000 people in Limerick are on Tinder as the list is calculated by Tinder usage and a cities population.


The most popular emoji used by people in their bios surprisingly wasn't aubergines but pizzas. The best time of the day to swipe right is between 6 - 9 pm on a Monday. It makes sense considering that's the time you're most likely to be binge-watching Netflix after another boring Monday.

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