New Helpline Launched To Give Advice To Working Secondary School Students

New Helpline Launched To Give Advice To Working Secondary School Students

Anyone who has ever had a summer job or worked during their Leaving Cert will know that being a teenager and having a job can mean you're unfairly treated in the workplace. Now, sharing advice with working secondary school students is about to get a whole lot easier as a new helpline for second-level school students with workplace issues has been launched.

Siptu, Ireland's largest trade union, teamed up with the Irish Second Level Student Union (ISSU) for a week to give secondary students information about their rights in work under the trending hashtag #MyRightsAtWork. The end of the campaign resulted in the new introduction of this student helpline:

The helpline will be operated by the Siptu centre workers who will assist members of the ISSU with any work-related queries. In a series of tweets, the ISSU shared important information that teens should know about their working hours and availability:

The ISSU have also prepared a go-to guide for students who are working in pubs, clubs or bars in their local area:

Speaking to The Independent, Ben Smith, the president of ISSU shared how important the campaign is for secondary students:

We are delighted to partner with Siptu on this campaign to inform our student members of their rights in the workplace.We found, from research we completed during the summer, that many young people were unaware of their rights at work.


Students can call the workers rights centre on 1890 747 881 if they require any further information or assistance with a workplace issue.

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