Aer Lingus Have Just Launched A Massive Flash Sale

Aer Lingus Have Just Launched A Massive Flash Sale

If you would like to travel to somewhere where you stand a statistically higher chance of catching some o' them sweet, sweet rays from our ol' chum the sun, then you're in luck, as Aer Lingus have got your back yo'!

They have just launched a massive seat sale* on dozens of their European routes.

You can now pick from loads of fantastic destinations from as little as €39.99 one way. If you are looking to transport yourself at any point this summer to a large European metropole and are hoping that the cumulative costs of this round trip, in terms of travel, will not exceed €100, then this is simply an entirely apt situation which may enable you to do just that.

Fancy visiting the turf of your favourite convention detailing rules for international combat? Then get yourself on €39.99 flight to Barcelona! Want to head to an increasingly politically instable region, with admittedly excellent weather? Then hoik yourself onto an Aer Lingus flight to Budapest!

Some of their selected routes included:

  • Berlin €39.99
  • Lisbon €39.99
  • Munch €39.99
  • Barcelona €39.99

For a full list of available destinations check out their website. The sale ends this Monday and is applicable to flights booked between 1-30 June 2019.

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*Disclaimer: By this I mean that the scale of their sale is very comprehensive, rather than them discounting very large seats.

Rory McNab

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