Aldi Will Launch A Harry Potter Range This Week

Aldi Will Launch A Harry Potter Range This Week

You can't beat a bit of Harry Potter. Be it the movies or the books, there are few other franchises that can match it.

Despite the last of the movies coming out the best part of a decade ago, they still remain wildly popular. Considering that, this range is sure to go down a treat.

Aldi are releasing a Harry Potter range later this week, featuring some eye-catching items. There's Lego, soft toys, wands, pyjamas, the works!

Here's some of the items that will be available this Sunday May 24th:

Lego Hogwarts Great Hall - €89.99

Lego The Knight Bus - €34.99


Lego Quidditch Match - €34.99

Soft Toy Range - €6.99

Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit - €9.99


Harry Potter Crochet Kit - €4.99

Harry Light Painting Wand - €14.99

Harry Potter Wrapping Paper - €1.49


Harry Potter Leather Messenger Bag - €12.99

Harry Potter Stationery - From €2.99

Harry Potter Kids' Pyjamas - €4.99

Harry Potter Rotary Double Duvet Set - €16.99

You can see the full range of items that will be available here.


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