All The Times Homer Simpson Was Actually Right...

Homer Simpson has always been a bit of a polarising figure, many people view him as he is on the surface, a fat ignorant and bald man with not much to him except the humour he constantly provides us... But it takes someone to just think outside of the box for a minute and look at what Homer is really doing for us... He is the ultimate visionary!

Via Louis Pietzman, for Buzzfeed

1. When he improved on fruit.

2. When he expressed his interests.

3. When he handled a spill correctly.

4. When he stated the obvious.

5. When he knew how to end a conversation.

6. When he found the humor in his body.

7. When he told hard truths.


8. When he understood commerce.

9. When he correctly identified a country.

10. When he had the correct reaction to team sports.

11. When he discovered the best way to exercise.

12. When he taught the right lessons.

13. When he was deeply bitter.


14. When he explained democracy.

15. When he found a shortcut.

16. When he knew where to hide.

17. When he respected the feelings of a non-human creature.

18. When he saw his inner sexy.

19. When he didn’t want to grow up.

20. When he knew exactly what to do in bed.

21. When he picked the right outfit to flatter his shape.

22. When he understood the futility of human existence.

23. When he was wiser than anyone realized.

24. And when he made this astute observation.

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