13 Things You Can Do To Annoy Your Housemate

13 Things You Can Do To Annoy Your Housemate

Annoying housemates are never few and far between...

Sometimes we wonder how these annoying housemates came to being. Are they part of a secret society none of us know about? What's the Facebook group they're all sharing tips on?

Are you an aspiring annoying housemate? If you are than we have you covered. Here are 13 fool-proof things you can do to be a more annoying housemate:

1. Don't Wash The Dishes

How to win the argument: the dirty plates add flavour to any meal.

2. Be As Loud As Humanly Possible


'Cause everyone needs to hear those moans and groans from you and your one night stand.

3. Use All Their Toiletries

Who needs toilet paper? Baby Jesus went without.

4. Leave A Small Drop Of Milk

And don't ever buy tea bags.


5. Have A Nose Through Their Personal Belongings

Sock drawers were made to hide all those special secret possessions. Start there.

6. Leave The Door Open When You're Using The Crapper

Smell the good schtuff!


7. Don't Take The Rubbish Bins Out

Again, smells don't exist. - Donald Trump

8. Don't Pay Your Share Of The Bills

'Cause being an adult is not your destiny, child.

9. Come Home Drunk And Bring Lots Of Friends


Who doesn't love being woken by Maniac 2000 at 4 am on a Monday night?  Random strangers walking into your bedroom to ask if it's the toilet? Ideal.

10. Don't Flush The Toilet

You're saving water.

11. Leave Empty Wrappers Scattered Across The Floor

and ashtrays everywhere.


12. Repeatedly 'Borrow' And Lose Your Housemates Stuff

Nobody needs that much stuff in their lives.

13. Tell Them Spoilers About Their Favourite Shows

Reasoning: You're saving them hours of their precious time.

Essentially, follow all of these tips and you could be the housemate from hell. Tag a friend who's guilty of the above...

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