15 Of The Scariest Things About Growing Up In An Irish Household

15 Of The Scariest Things About Growing Up In An Irish Household

It's a unique experience growing up in an Irish household. If you weren't told to go outside and play with traffic or you didn't watch Glenroe on a Sunday night then you missed out. Although living in an Irish household was not always the easiest of experiences, the smallest things could set your family off and leave fierce tension scattered throughout the household. Here are 15 things that'll still scare the beejaysis out of ya if you grew up in an Irish household:

1. Leaving The Immersion On

If there's one thing you don't do in an Irish household it's this.

2. Sunday Mass



3. Not Putting The Shopping Away

If looks could kill...

4. The Religious Relics

Every grandparent or great aunt or uncle insisted on blessing every Irish household with relics from Lourdes. Cue terrifying images or a statue of Mary quietly judging you from a mantelpiece.

5. A Bad Weather Forecast on the Telly


"There'll be no drying for a week!"

6. Being Caught Looking In Your Siblings Bedroom

and trying to survive the rest of the day.

7. The Landline

The dial-up sound still haunts our childhood memories.


8. The TV License Inspector Knocking At Your Front Door

We all saw the ads...

9. Not Being Able To Find A Dock Leaf

No burn was more painful than that of a nettle sting.


10. A Draught

Whatever you do, don't leave a window or door open. Christ Almighty, we'll catch our deaths!

11. The TV Aerial Breaking

Or not being able to find the remote when the TV was stuck on TG4.

12. Out Of Date Milk


"Did you drink the milk? Jesus Christ, it's out of date!"

13. Letting The Fire Go Out

and the tension it caused. The true sign of a lousy person...

14. ESB Works

Especially terrifying when you came home from school and couldn't watch The Den.


15. The Wooden Spoon

Not since the first crucifix has a wooden item held such power over the Irish people.


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