17 Signs You Know You're In An Irish Nightclub

17 Signs You Know You're In An Irish Nightclub

There really isn't anything like a night out in Ireland. You never know what to expect or who you'll see. Here are 17 signs you know you're in an Irish nightclub:

1. "How much is the cloakroom?"

The most important question of the night.

2. "If I give you a euro, can I buy a smoke off of you?"

3. Girls dancing in a circle around a pile of handbags

4. The Interesting Age Limit


If it looks like a creche then it means you're in the right place.

5. Finding everyone in the smoking area

6. GAA Jerseys

The more county colours, the better.

7. A lad in a Fred Perry, River Island or Topman shirt falling asleep against a wall...

Usually, he's fine.


8. People walking around in their bare feet

followed by the waft of bad feet smells.

9. Drink Robbers

The worst kind of people (but we all know 'someone' who's done it).


10. You'll overhear sayings like "Will you shift my friend?", "put it in my bag!", "Tequila or sambuca?", " These shoes are killing me!", "Give us a chewing gum?", "Find me in the smoking area, yeah?", "Penneys hun!" or "Do you have my ticket for the cloakroom?"

11. Jagerbombs

No night is complete without your good friend Jager and Red.

12. Someone will be wearing the same clothes as you

'Cause there's only a Dunnes and a boutique in your very small town.


13. Girls will make friends for life in the bathroom

and greet the said person at least 15 times over the night, much to the annoyance of her actual friends.

14. The Classic Dry Shite

Sits in the comfiest chair and skims through their Snapchat stories for the entire night, their coat rests on their lap as their friends line up shots at the bar - you know the one.

15. Lads making up random words or chants


*incomprehensible noises*

16. Slipping and sliding

Across the dancefloor as you Snapchat your reaction to your "tune" or tripping over the pile of bags left unoccupied by the circle of dancing girls.

17. The National Anthem playing at the end of the night

and a mosh pit for Maniac 2000.

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