Argos Is Selling Christmas Trees Perfect For Cat Owners

Argos Is Selling Christmas Trees Perfect For Cat Owners

If your furry friend has a habit of using your Christmas tree as a new pad, or an unruly predilection for making some sort of nest in your tree, then you might be interested in Argos's latest invention - a half-Christmas tree.

The half-Christmas tree is tall enough to cover with all your precious decorations but with enough space to stack all your pressies underneath and keep your feline friend away from hanging baubles - according to the product's description anyway.

The 6ft parasol tree is also perfect for anyone who's stuck for space, which in 2018 is most of us. While it might be cute to see your cat hanging out in your average Christmas tree, it's a daredevil move:

Annually, hundreds of cat owners share their experience of their cat going rogue on social media and it usually provides hours of entertainment, even if it's more naughty than nice:



If you've ever owned a cat you know the crafty little buggers will find a way to destroy your tree, even if it's designed to stop them. If you fancy a cat-friendly tree this Christmas click here.

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