This Café's "Deconstructed" Avocado & Toast Is €18 And Everyone Has Had Enough

This Café's "Deconstructed" Avocado & Toast Is €18 And Everyone Has Had Enough

The tiny green avocado has become a cultural phenomenon over the last five years, especially here in Ireland.

While the people of North and South America were collectively cheering over the benefits of this green monster, Ireland was still contemplating what fruit/ veg would replace the holy grail - potatoes.

At least ten times the cost of your average potato, avocados are peak notions and with this recent avocado story, we really cannot defend these bulb-shaped greens anymore.

According to Jess McGuire, a writer and broadcaster, who ordered a 'feta and avocado toast' breakfast in the US - we're guessing somewhere in Brooklyn - and was confronted with this dismal affair. The writer jokingly referred to the breakfast as "deconstructed" to the waitress who graciously nodded.

The eighteen dollar breakfast got McGuire a cube of feta cheese, a wedge of lime, a slice of sourdough bread and half an avocado. McGuire is one of a long list of people who are fed up with the price of avocado on menus:



In the past Australian millionaire Tim Gurner, a real estate mogul, warned millennials that avocado toast would cost them their future and the prospect of owning their own home.

With all of this in mind, today's burning question is simple: are avocadoes ruining our lives?

Are avocados ruining our lives?

I'm broke and I've a bitter taste in my mouth
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