A True Irish Delicacy Is Now Available In A Can

A True Irish Delicacy Is Now Available In A Can

A glass of Baileys is a common addition to any Irish gathering. There's always that one family member who loves a Baileys on ice at Christmas but never drinks during the other 364 days of the year. How could we forget about the designated family member who makes Baileys coffee at every family gathering?

Well, praise everything, because your favourite drink is now available in can form! Baileys are now doing two new Baileys iced coffees in a can. The speciality comes in a Baileys Iced Coffee Latte or an Iced Coffee Mocha.

Just to be clear, at 4% a can it's definitely an alcoholic beverage. The drink came out in March in the UK but we still haven't managed to find it in Irish stores. The drink was meant to be released in Irish shops this summer but there's still no sign of it. People in the UK have started making ice cream floats from the canned delicacy and we're definitely jealous.


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