The Beauty Trends College Girls Should Leave Behind in 2015

With a new year brings new traditions and trends. As new trends arrive in, the old and some what questionable ones must go (Thank god.) Here is a sweet little list of unsavoury beauty trends I hope we can leave behind:

1. Overdrawn Lips

This was the year of women everywhere striving to achieve a plumped-to-the-max lip popularized on YouTube and by the Kardashian-Jenner gang. Gone was the helpful guideline makeup artists have long advocated: Keep your lip color within the natural boundaries of your lips, or ever-so-subtly trace liner right outside the lip line. Instead, it was go ahead and just draw whatever lips you want onto your face. We're hoping 2016 brings a widespread return to more natural-looking mouths.

2. The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

Speaking of unnaturally large lips, who can forget the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge? On social media, girls documented their attempts to puff up their mouths like the reality star's, not via lip injections (which Jenner has admitted were the real secret behind her suddenly full lips) but by using suction from shot glasses. Ouch! This unfortunate phenomenon has seemed to have already died off, but just in case, we're adding it to our wish list of things that disappear in the new year—and preferably from our memory forever.


3. Brow Bullying

We get it: Brows frame our face. They, not the eyes, are the true windows to our soul. And they should be big and filled-in and expertly arched and brushed-up at all times. But much like some women have small boobs or thin hair, some women just have skimpy brows. And some of those women lack the desire to devote themselves to augmenting and faking the full brows that everyone is lusting over now. To the thin-browed and proud, know that we support you—and you're not alone.

4. The Dreaded Man Bun



We're just over the fixation on the man bun in the mainstream media. It feels like we're in a 24-7 man-bun news cycle. And nobody should wear the clip-in man buns we saw this year, unless you happen to be a dog.

5. Heavy Contouring

Did you see the clown contouring this year? and instead – spot treat your face by choosing one area to accentuate, like your cheekbones, jawline or nose rather than all 3, so you looked more naturally contoured.

6. Granny Hair

For a while, we were all about the gray hair mood in our Instagram feed. But let's be honest, this one's really tricky to pull off outside of those perfectly lit and styled snaps on Pinterest. For me, I will wait until it is time to rock the grey hair the natural way!


Here is hoping 2016 brings us more lifelong trends than lifelacking ones!

Aoife Connolly

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