Ty-Lites and Tools For The Perfect 2016 Selfie (As Told By Beyonce's Stylist)

Every girl knows the daily struggle of trying to achieve the perfect selfie. And if you don't, I really don't think we can be friends. At this point we've perfected our angles, we know what's our good side and our weaves are on fleek. But we want MORE. And I'm here to help, as is Beyonce's incredible stylist Ty Hunter. Here are the essential tools in creating that double-tappable selfie.

1. Makeup

Unless you're trying to make it as the next Amreezy, girl, you've got to chill with the makeup. Nobody has time to bake everyday, so remember less... is more. Chic and natural looking AF is what 2016 makeup trends are all about.

2. The Full Length Mirror

The mirror is going to become a part of you. Think of the endless uses you have for it - OOTD'S, the Kylie Jenner 'I'm Just Sitting Here In Tracksuit Bottoms And Pouting' pose, or the good 'ol 'Off To The Gym'. So versatile and so game.

3. Selfie Stick


If you don't have a selfie stick by now, who even are you and have you ever even taken a selfie? This extendable arm will change your life. Ignore what everyone says; it's totally acceptable to whip that bad boy out in public. Haters gonna hate hate hate...

4. Props

I'm sorry to say this, but sometimes, your face just won't cut it. Feeling like you need something else in the picture? Grab a hat, grab some food, hell grab your dog, and let's get snapping a unique and fun selfie!


5. The Lazy Arm


The lazy arm is the latest edition to the selfie family. Clip this onto a mirror, put your phone on timer and.. three.. two... one... POUT. The perfect angle is sorted with no stress.

6. The Remote

But 'I don't want the stress of a timer' you say? Don't worry, I got you. Enter, the remote. With buttons that can flip your camera from back to front facing, and also capture the picture, this is a necessity.

7. The Background

You might not think it, but backgrounds play a HUGE part in your selfie game. Do you think we wanna see that you haven't made your bed, or that you haven't put away your clothes? What would your mother say? Get it together girl.

8. The Camera Case


Now, I'm not talking about any old camera case, no no. I'm talking about the Ty-Lite; an LED framed case created by none other than Beyonce's stylist Ty Hunter. This case has three settings: warm, cool and indoor/outdoor, so you'll never need to rely on (or be let down by) natural light again. FAB.

9. The App

Ah, the app. One of the most vital elements of the selfie circle. Whether it's to blur, crop, brighten, darken, filter or even frame, your w-app-on (excuse the awful pun) of choice is paramount.

So go forth, extend those lazy arms and spread the selfie love near and far, or as far as your selfie stick will take you.

Orla McConnon

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