10 Reasons Why You Need To Live With Your Best Friend At Least Once

10 Reasons Why You Need To Live With Your Best Friend At Least Once

They say living with your best friend could lead to war but it could also lead to the best time of your life. Here are 10 reasons why you should live with your best pal.

1. Daily gossip in the living room rather than over the phone

Why waste your phone minutes when you both could cuddle up on the couch and give  your entire rundown of the day.

2. Running simple errands turn into an adventure

Grocery shopping, running to the post office, you name it. These tasks are no longer a dread when you've got your partner in crime to tag long.


3. You can eat their food and they hopefully won’t get mad

And even if they do get mad, they'll be over it in 2 minutes.

4. You have no issue yelling at them if they won't pick up their shit

You don't have to be hesitant to call them out if they're not doing their part. Both are able to tell it how it is and it's all good.


5. No more sad movie nights by yourself

Instead of bawling your eyes out alone at your favourite sappy love story, you've got a permanent shoulder to cry on.

6. You can literally share closets 24/7

Having twice the amount of clothes at all times. Why wouldn't you want that?


7. And they'll definitely tell you if your outfit looks bad.. or pump you up when you're looking FINE

Honesty is the best policy and nothing gets more honest than the opinion of your best friend.


8. Spontaneous living room dance parties

No matter what time of the day, sometimes a dance party is just necessary, therefore you drop what you're doing and blast the music.


9. If you want ice cream, chances so do they

No matter what kind of day you had ice cream is always the answer.

10. They are your go-to for everything. Why wouldn't you want them right down the hall?

Because you live with your bestie, you never feel alone and the fun NEVER ends.

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