The 21 Signs You're Best Friends

The 21 Signs You're Best Friends

There is nothing quite like having a best friend. That someone who will be there for you and if you fall, will push you back down again.

Seriously though, there are things you do with that one person that you wouldn't do with anyone else. They know all your secrets and have your back at all times.

You might or might not know it, but here are the tell-tale signs that you've found your BFF.

1. You can read their mind with looks alone

This is the definitive one, with just the raising of an eyebrow or a look in a certain direction you can have a 10 minute conversation in three seconds.


2. You speak to each other in completely weird voices


You seem to have your own language that once you see each other you slowly seep into. This can mean phrases, accents or a new dialect of English completely.

3. You finish each other's sentences

This may seem an obvious one, once you progress to this stage of mind-reading, it's official.

4. You love (and hate) the same people

There is no greater feeling in the world than admitting to someone you loathe, and someone else admitting the same. #goals



5. You have synchronised dance's to multiple songs

When you two hit the dance floor – people lose their shit. The minute 'Crazy in Love' starts you physically push people out of the way and lock eyes.


6. You have 10,000 screenshots of them on your phone

Not only are they you best friend on Snapchat, but you have unlimited rotten screenshots of them that you save meticulously and post on their wall for their birthday. Being evil never felt so good.

7. You can be disgusting around them


You could quite literally fart in their face and they'll still love you.


8. You know their sleeping pattern

You're so in sync that you know what time they go to bed at and even wake up.


9. They'll always reply to you straight away


No matter what time nor how urgent the text really is, they'll always reply.


10. You tag them in 50 posts a day on Facebook

Whether it's a cat dressed as an avocado or a video of a dog walking on its legs – you tag them.

11. Your parents love him/her

This is probably the most important factor. If you're mam loves them then you know they're a keeper.



12. If you fall over they'll laugh

They enjoy seeing you make an arse of yourself and laugh at your misfortune.


13. You're completely honest with them

You tell them if an outfit doesn't suit them and if they actually do have broccoli in their teeth, because you want them looking their best.



14. You share and borrow EVERYTHING

Whether it's clothes, make up or even your toothbrush – what's yours is theirs.

15. You can tell when there's something on their mind

If they're not feeling okay you're the first one to notice. This is partially down to your telepathy and because you can communicate to each other with looks alone.



16. You always go to the bathroom together on nights out

Go to the toilet alone? You haven't gone to the toilet by yourself since 2002.


17. You have held back their hair while they've gotten sick

Ah, the ultimate act of a girls' friendship. If you haven't held back their hair while they spewed their cuts, are you really best friends?

18. They're always the first person you tell news to


As soon as there's any sort of goss in your life, you ring them straight away.


19. You know all their favourite foods

When they're feeling sad, your instinct knows that BBQ pringles will makes everything better.


20. You have shared a bed with each other on multiple occasions

If anything, it's one of your favourite past-times.


21. You knew a specific occurrence for every item on this list

Get tagging huns.


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