A Brutally Honest Open Letter To My Former Best Friend

Hey Former Best Friend,


I miss you. I miss you, but I also don't even know how to be your friend anymore. We didn't have a rough falling out. There was no drama, no fight, that separated us. Instead, we simply grew up and grew apart. We went on our own paths and became two very different people with two very different lives. I'm embarrassed that I don't even remember your favourite food anymore or what you like to do for fun. How are we so much like strangers now despite being inseparable not so long ago?



I miss having a partner in crime. No one has ever taken your place. You've stayed in my heart, and I look back our time together fondly- which is true, but it's something you shouldn't say to a best friend. That's something you say to an ex-boyfriend, a fling. You don't say that to someone you used to consider your best friend forever.




There is one obvious solution to this. We need to reconnect, get together, remind each other why we loved each other so much. But I'm ashamed to admit that it feels awkward. What would we talk about? Do we just drone on and on about our own lives, overlooking the fact that we've ignored each other for a couple years? And what if we've changed so much we no longer like each other? That might hurt more than not seeing each other ever again.




I suppose we should just take the risk and get together again. It will be weird at first, but I think we have something worth trying to rekindle. I don't think our friendship will ever be like it was before, but I also think that's OK.  Better, in fact. We've changed as people and so should our relationship. Just know that I love you more than words can describe, and no matter where we find ourselves in 10 years, I'll always be rooting for you.


Much Love,



Your Former Best Friend

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Shanell Peterson

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