The Biggest Make Up Mistake Irish Women Are Making And How To Fix It

The Biggest Make Up Mistake Irish Women Are Making And How To Fix It

Celebrity beauty guru and make up artist James Vincent has worked with some of the globe's biggest superstars from Kylie to Jenner and Rihanna. The global expert was in town this week to talk Autumn/Winter 2017 beauty trends at Make Up Forever Pro Boutique on Clarendon Street and revealed Irish women continue to commit one beauty faux pas and it's all to do with foundation.

James told the Irish Mirror:

Make up wearers in Dublin are definitely more savvy than they were a decade ago. But there is still that Irish mentality that wearing a darker foundation is somehow going to make you look like you've been on holidays. Going with a darker foundation or spray tanning to a crazy level is not going to give you that look.

He also added


I also tell people to play with your foundation. Go two or three shades darker in the areas where the sun hits your face.

It stops you from getting that disparity in your face colour and your neck colour, which I think Irish women have been struggling with for a while.

The make up expert said that another great way for Irish women to add colour to their skin tone is by using a blush and lucky for us it's a massive trend for Autumn. To watch the full interview, you can check it out on The Irish Mirror here.

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