Pic: Why You Shouldn't Wear Fake Tan At The Gym

Pic: Why You Shouldn't Wear Fake Tan At The Gym

Fake tanning is often a woeful experience - tan sometimes smells as piss poor as it looks. A good tan job is hard to master so we can only imagine the utter sadness this one tanner felt after a recent visit to the gym.

Twitter user Eve, from Falkirk, Scotland, smothered her legs in bronzing lotion before popping on her work-out leggings. Eve's plans to leave the gym with a sun-kissed glow were interrupted by an unlikely situation:

You might be wondering, how in Gods name did Eve end up being branded by her everyday gym clothing? Well, after smothering herself with her favourite shade of tan she immediately threw on her work-out leggings and began to build up a nice layer of sweat. Add a sweaty workout routine and some fresh tan together and you suddenly become an unofficial brand ambassador.

Adidas couldn't help chiming in after spotting Eve's misfortune on Twitter when the tweet was shared 4,000 times and liked over 37,000 times:"We’d say it’s fate. Way to rep the Three Stripes, Eve. We see you.". Although the company thinks its fate, Eve - on the other hand - was hoping to get some free stuff.


Eve promises on Twitter that it's the last time she'd do a workout with a fresh tan but she wasn't the only one to become an unofficial brand ambassador. User Eden Chicken shared her experience on Twitter as well:

Although you might be trying to master life one day at a time, it might be worth leaving the gym bag at home and grabbing a drink post-tan.

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