Met Éireann Says Return Of Beast From The East Possible In January

Met Éireann Says Return Of Beast From The East Possible In January

Christmas is a time for reconnecting with those who we may have failed at keeping in touch with throughout the year. It is a time where faces we may've forgotten in the murky annals of the year's passing come drifting back into view. Though, much like having to greet an uncle whose vibes are, what can only be described as dubious, and who frequently takes extended holidays to South-East Asia - the purpose of which he remains suspiciously quiet on - not all of these rekindled connections are to be celebrated.

Which is to say that, according to Met Éireann, there is a possibility that 2018's climactic nadir - the Beast from the East - may be set to make a return to Ireland in January. So put the kettle on, get hoarding your bread, mentally determine which of your immediate family members/ housemates you would countenance killing and eating were you to be isolated by snow's for an unforeseen length of time, as there's the potential for the weather to get quite shit again.

While this may seem to hard to believe given how appallingly warm it's been recently over the Christmas period - even prompting this writer to send a frantic, and entirely unfounded WhatsApp message conjecturing that we may only experience three seasons from now on - however, we cannot discount the possibility that the weather, may be slightly different at some indeterminate point in the future. I am almost certain of this and indeed have it on good authority that there are a sizeable number who, if you can believe it, make a living from projecting how such changes might transpire. Staggering stuff.

Met Éireann have said that the current mild conditions, the result of 'sudden stratospheric warming' raises the chances of there being a subsequent much colder period. However, Liz Walsh of Met Éireann said that it's, currently, still too early to say with any certainty whether this we will be greeted to a return of the Beast from the East.


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