Is This 'Break-Dancing' Burglar The Greatest Ever Moment In RTÉ's Crimecall?

Is This 'Break-Dancing' Burglar The Greatest Ever Moment In RTÉ's Crimecall?

What have we just watched!?

If you're looking for a decent comedy show, RTÉ's Crimecall wouldn't be the first programme that would spring to mind (No offence, Keelin). However Monday night's show featured one of the most bizarre true crime moments in Irish history - or, at the very least, in the goldfish-like memory of this author.

The segment was about a burglary where three men attempted to break into a house. While two of the gang attempted to get in the door, the other lad decided it was the perfect time to start moonwalking. Yes, moonwalking.


The Garda in studio said, 'You can see one person there doing some sort of breakdance. It’s very unusual, in all my career in An Garda Síochána I’ve never seen anything like this.'

Like what in the name of God is he at!? To top it all off, Keelin Shanley then speculated that perhaps this may help in tracking down his identity:

They’d be nervous breaking into a house you’d imagine? But somebody might recognise that – that might be his party piece?

So does anyone know anyone with the moves to pull off a heist like this?

Mark Farrelly

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