Lads, One Of Your Favourite Brands Are Offering 50% Off Online

Lads, One Of Your Favourite Brands Are Offering 50% Off Online

Get kitted out for Christmas for only a fraction of the price or tag that special someone to give them that hint they need.

One of the best things about Christmas is the sales but they could definitely come at a better time. Generally, by the time they come around, you won't have any money left to buy anything for yourself anyway. Thankfully, Burton Menswear sees the problem here and has launched their sale just before Christmas - just as we're rounding up our last few coppers.

You'd best be quick though, the sale only lasts 48 hours and ends on the 13th of December. Over 100 lines have gone on sale so there are lots to choose from. Here's an idea of some of the bits that are on sale:


Black Crane Bird Print Long Sleeve Shirt

€30.00 €15.00


Red Long Sleeve Floral Design Shirt

€30.00 €15.00


Forest Green Short Sleeve Pique Shirt

€15.00 €7.50



Light Blue Wash Tyler Patchwork Skinny Fit Jeans

€35.00 €17.50



Black Suede Desert Boots

€49.00 €39.20 

Brown Suede Look Chelsea Boots

€39.00 €31.20

Black Sports Boots

€39.00 €31.20

To check out the full collection click here.

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