Bye Bye Freshman 15: Tricks For Being Healthy Without Trying

I don't like to exercise. I don't even like getting out of bed. I mean, Netflix, cats, sleep; it all sounds good. But so do pizza and burgers. So, if all I've eaten in 8 weeks is basically junk food and I've binge-watched four shows already without getting out of bed, how am I still healthy? There's a lot that goes into maintaining your weight and your body besides food (but, yeah it is important to, like, eat stuff that isn't total shit all the time) and heavy duty gym time. Most factors are things that you already do now, or should be doing but aren't.


1. Sleep Is For The Healthy. 


Yes, that's right, I said you have to sleep. As a twentysomething, you need a lot of sleep, definitely more than we give ourselves a chance to have. I know, I know, you want to do your best and party and finish this last episode, and so "sleep is for the weak." But be careful, the less sleep you have, the more likely you are to eat a lot of junk food and there goes that healthy summer body you were asking for. So long bikinis and cute guys flirting.

2. Keep A Steady Schedule. 



Keeping a schedule for your body helps to keep a lot of things running smoothly, weight maintenance included. I mean, girls, you know how it is when you stress out, stop eating at the same times, sleep less, or change anything in your routine. Chances are you also changed your menstrual cycle and now you're worrying about why it's late. So to keep everything running nicely, keep a schedule and try your hardest to not fuck it up too much.

3. Eat Breakfast. 


I am not the best person to talk to about actually eating my meals. I find it hard to keep a schedule so I tend to scoff a load of unhealthy food. But back before I was planning to apply for a masters, and had a simple schedule of afternoon classes three times a week, I did eat breakfast. It was amazing. I mean, it got me ready to tackle the rest of the day, and since I was full until lunch time, I wouldn't eat as much as usual.


 4. Don't skip meals. 


Don't just eat breakfast and ignore the rest of the day. You don't charge your phone only in the morning, use it all day, and expect it to not need to be charged again at some point during the day. You don't have to have these giant meals, just snacking on small stuff could help.

5. Stop Chugging Alcohol.



Tough break if you love to drink until you forget what being sober is like. There's a reason people call it a "beer belly." I am definitely not saying to stop drinking, where's the fun in that. But plan around it. You know you're going out next Thursday with your friends. Don't drink until you black-out (besides the fact that it's just plain dangerous). Or, drink plenty of water alongside your drink.

6. Drink Water.


Like I said, alcohol is bad. I mean, it's good for fun but horrible for staying healthy and not gaining weight. Soda is the same; have you seen the amount of sugar in it? Such a shame. But water is great for you. You kind of need it to live. Honestly, keeping a water bottle with you and drinking throughout the day to stay hydrated helps your body function at its peak and you can become a lean, mean, fighting machine in the making.


7. Use Your Legs. 


You're just going to Tesco for some cereal and bread, do you really need to take the bus? It's a 10 minute walk. It's those little things that really make a difference. I don't like walking around, I get it. I prefer getting in a car for everything. But, I walk to the market and back every week and it does make a difference.

8. Get Moving. 


I mean, if you're really up to it and want to jog around a bit or something, go ahead. Do it. I believe in you. You'll probably get farther than I ever will. Just do it! can do it with some friends, while you're out dancing? My legs never felt better than that one time I went out clubbing with some friends and learned how to square dance. You'll sweat and not give a shit about it!

You might think this is total BS and it won't work. But honestly, I'm in the process too. I love to sleep, so making sure I sleep 8 or 9 hours a day isn't too hard. I get munchies so I have my snacks, but only eat what fits in my hand. I usually miss the bus, so I walk everywhere I can, and I don't drink a lot when I go out, so I avoid those empty calories. My pants only fit me with a belt on now and my shorts fall loosely. Go ahead and try these easy tricks to keep off those silly pounds. Just make sure to come back and tell me how I was right.

Amber M Paez

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