Can Guys And Girls Ever Just Be Friends?

Well, can they? Here at CollegeTimes, we're going to put this question to various people, to get a broad idea of what the general opinion is. This week, it's my take. So I would say "Yes..." But mostly "No."  It's an easy answer to give, but a harder answer to justify.


You see, attraction plays a huge part in liking someone so much as to wanting or agreeing to spend time with them. You even have it with every platonic relationship you've ever had. You're attracted to their personality/ sense of humour/ interests or hobbies, etc., and gravitate towards them. But that can be confusing if you start to develop attraction to someone whom you could also date. It's always there. And its always seem to be strongest for the less attractive person involved. Now, tell me I'm lying.


It isn't entirely impossible, but to find your honest 'equal' within the opposite sex, and for both of you to just simply want friendship is very rare. That doesn't mean I believe the dynamic of a sound 'Best Friend-ship' needs to be that of equal pegging, but the grounding is markedly different when opposite-sex friendships are involved.

So, if you would indulge me, please complete this 'Friendship Hotness' exercise:



1. Take a good look at your best friend who is from the opposite sex.

2. Now look at yourself in the mirror.

3. Ask yourself if you are (honestly) the better looking one? Yes? Well then you more than likely do believe that you are merely best friends without no undercurrent of sexual frisson at all. BUT do you really believe that your 'Bestie' thinks that as well, is not secretly crushing on you, and isn't merely doing anything they can just to spend time with you? And be honest.

OR what if you found yourself clearly to be the ugly one? Well then, you know how you feel. It isn't friendship, is it? It's friend-zoning. 




Call me a pessimist, call me a sexist, call me deluded. Just don't call me your best friend. I don't need another. My same-sex best friend is useless enough thank you.

Now, I mean this in a kind of 'We're best friends, and we tell each other everything, and we're so close' kind of friendship. We all have friends of the opposite sex that we are really close to, but 'BFF' kinda stuff is a bit more fanciful in my opinion.





Can you picture a guy bursting to tell his girl best friend everything about his own personal stuff? Like actual girls he's gotten with? Or looked for advice about that weird discolouration on his cock-head that hasn't gone away since he hooked up with that 'Ho' dressed as a power puff girl last Hallowe'en, etc.?

And the same for girls... 'Period stuff', and stuff like that, like tampons and stuff...Maybe a friendship can play itself out, where the two involved do hook-up, realise it'a a bad idea, and actually develop from that into a stronger friendship. But thats rare as well.

What do you guys think?



Video: Can Men And Women Be Friends?



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Stephen Brennan

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