You Can Wipe Your Arse With Donald Trump's Face For Under €14

You Can Wipe Your Arse With Donald Trump's Face For Under €14

It's official,  you can truly buy anything on Amazon, you name it someone has made it. The latest must-have household item you can find on Amazon is Donald Trump toilet paper. If it has crossed your mind that you would love to wipe your arse with the face of America's 45th and current president, here's your chance. You can purchase a roll of toilet paper with Donald Trump's face printed on to each square. The toilet paper is printed in full colour to capture Trump's unique orange skin tone.

The toilet paper is sold by Gagster on Amazon, and is priced at £11.99 (€13.90), it's pricier than your regular two-ply role but much more amusing. Within the product description, they promise to “make toilet paper great again.” They comically add the toilet paper "is proudly made in China- and we will make Mexico pay for it (not really)".

This novelty toilet paper would make the perfect prank gift for a work colleague or a friend. Whether you're a fan of Trump or detest the man, he has one of those faces you would want to wipe your arse with. Most of the customer reviews agreed and were quite positive, all except one customer who found the novelty toilet paper unacceptable:

This is absolutely unacceptable. Our president deserves respect. VOTING is our political avenue for voicing opinions. This product is not is evidence of how low, hateful and unpatriotic people can be. We the people are better than this.

If you feel like this would be a welcomed addition to your bathroom, then good news, they also deliver to Ireland. You can purchase your Donald Trump toilet paper here.


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