Celebrity Fuck Up's That'll Make You Feel Better About Your Life

1. Jennifer Lawrence's Oscar Fall

When you fall on a drunken night out it can be very embarrassing so imagine falling completely sober in front of the entire world and having it recorded and online for anyone in the general public to watch whenever they feel like it

2. The Girl Who Didn't Go To Paris

You may have made a few bad decisions in your time when a boy was involved but it can't be worse than the mistake Lauren Conrad, the supposedly smart one from the hills made when she chose her troubled relationship over the chance to a summer internship with Teen Vogue, in Paris. We were all a little bit shocked. Bet she regretted that decision especially when they broke up that summer anyways..

3. Heidi Montag's Face


Another throwback to the hills, when Heidi Montag decided to get plastic surgery with 10 procedures in a day including a boob job increasing to a  F cup.. And you cried for a week when your hair didn't turn out the colour you wanted

4. Justin Bieber's Bad Year

Justin Bieber went through a huge transformation starting from the end of 2013 on-going into 2014 with him getting himself in all kinds of trouble including, driving under the influence, reportedly spitting at fans, attacking a paparazzi, egging a neighbours house and storming offstage during a concert in Brazil after being hit with a plastic bottle. Remember that the next time you think you're having a bad day..

5. James Franco Not Following The 3 Year Rule


35 year old James Franco was caught in a scandal this year when screenshots of messages emerged of him flirting with a 17 year old fan who he met at a meet and greet and later followed on Instagram. He even asks her will he book a room in her hotel...he probably could have brushed them off as fakes if he hadn't of sent her pictures proving it was him.

6. ICarly leaked nudes

Imagine being the star of a popular tween TV show and then having your nudes leaked well that was a reality for Jennette McCurdy, I think that may be a bit worse than the pic your friend took of you shifting the guy on the dancefloor

7. Miley Cyrus's VMA Performance


It was literally talked about for weeks, her revealing outfit, her awkward sexual dance moves and her awful attempt at twerking

8. Rihanna's Illegal Selfie

You might have a few dodgy selfies after a night in coppers but you can't beat Rihanna who could have been facing charges after she posted a selfie on Instagram with a Loris which possession of is a punishable offence in Thailand.


jodie Brady

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