5 Quick And Delicious Brunch Recipes That Cost Under €5

5 Quick And Delicious Brunch Recipes That Cost Under €5

It's Sunday, treat yo' self. 'Eh I can't, I have a score to last me the week and I had a packet of biscuits for dinner last night.' Not to worry, if you can't afford to eat out, there are plenty of cheap brunch recipes you can make it at home.

Here's a few to choose from - no judgement from us, if you want to add a glass (or four) of Prosecco to your meal.

1. French Toast

5m Prep Time

5m Cook Time

5 ingredients 

Ever notice french toast is something you usually order when you're out but never make yourself? Check out the recipe here along with the easy prep instructions.


Chances are, you'll have all of these ingredients in your press already.

2. Traditional Pancakes

Cook/ Prep time: Few minutes

4 ingredients 

Pancake Tuesday may be over but it's left us feeling greedy. Sure, you can buy the pre-made mixture for pancakes but it's just as handy following the recipe here.

Tip - if you've any Nutella in your fridge, lash it on to be bold.


3. The American Sandwich

Prep Time: Less than a minute 

3 ingredients 

-Peanut butter
-Banana or jam (whichever you prefer)
-Sliced bread

'Sure only the Americans have these peanut butter and jelly sandwiches,' you're thinking. Well, they're meant to be a nice combo plus they're super cheap and easy to make.

Admittedly I haven't tried any myself, so let us know if they're any good in the comments - might make a nice change from cheese sambos!


4. Cheese and Ham Omelette

4 ingredients 

An omelette is perfect for a weekend brunch or a quick and easy dinner. This is a handy enough recipe to follow. Feel free to jazz it up with different fillings.

5. Poached eggs and toast

4 ingredients

Fair play if you're a whiz at making the perfect poached egg - once you've mastered the technique, there's no looking back. Follow Jamie's recipe here on how to make poached eggs and toast and you'll be sorted for meal times.

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Niamh Burke

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