Cheap Dates To Go On In Dublin City

When planning a date most couples for the first while of their relationship settle for seeing a film or going for a meal and while there's nothing wrong with this it can eat away at our very fragile budgets and can become boring! Dates should be amazingly fun and memorable and if you're lucky enough to live in Dublin, there's always something new and exciting to do. So here are some ideas for your next Tinder date.. or if you're really old school, someone you met in real life....... weird. 

1. The HA'Penny Flea Market in The Grand Social every Saturday 

The Grand Social Hosts a weekly indoor flea market every Saturday from 12 noon to 6pm. Entry is free and they sell loads of cool retro and vintage stuff! Wander about or spend some money on a thrifty find, it's up to you :)


2. The Comedy Crunch in the Stag's Head, Dame Court

The Comedy Crunch is a great comedy club in Dublin.  The acts are always great and the venue is perfect and the fact that it is also free with free ice cream at the interval  makes it a total winner. It's on a Sunday and Monday night and fails to disappoint but get there early! It's a cosy little setting so the perfect place for a unique date.



3. Listen to some free music in Whelan's  

Whelan's is a really popular spot for gigs. Look out for the Midnight Hour for free entry before 10.30pm and some of the best in up and coming local talent. A number of acoustic sessions, DJ sets and more can also be enjoyed free of charge! 



4. Open Air Cinema, Fitzwilliam Square 

The event runs throughout the summer when the weather is fine the event will be advertised with 3 days notice so follow them on Facebook or Twitter! These are ‘Fiver Flicks’, (yes, that means its still only €5 in) and there will be food and drink on sale or to save a few bob, bring your own with a blanket! Fitzwilliam Square often has events on throughout the year also, generally for from €5-€10.


 5. Play board games in Cassidy's Bar, Westmoreland Street

Cassidy's in a unique little bar that attracts all types of people. It's the type of place you could stay for hours with board games available such as Monopoly, Guess Who and Jenga which are great fun to play while having a cold pint! Also.. Fosters and a full pizza for €10 #winning.  Nice if you're on a date that making conversation may be an issue!



6. Go for a stroll around St. Stephen's Green

Open all year round. On a nice sunny day, the park will be bustling with people but there's always room for more.. bring along a frisbee or just lie out and soak in the sun - for the fifteen minutes until it rains again. Nice for a daytime date but remember the park closes in the evening!


 7. Visit the Science Gallery

Okay, so the Science Gallery may not be for all of us but it's free entry and it's pretty fun. Embrace your inner Sheldon/Amy Farrah Fowler and go along for a look. The gallery does not have a permanent location but if you're planning a visit just check out their events listings to find out what's coming up!


Emma Conwell

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