Chick Flicks - The Definitive List

Maybe you have bagged yourself a DVD date from Tinder, maybe you just want to get a loads of junk food and have a movie marathon with your mates... Either way, here's every chick flick worth seeing.

Crazy Stupid Love

Awesome film that guys genuinely enjoy as well. Ryan Gosling, Steve Carell and Emma Stone... Great soundtrack, laugh out loud moments. If you haven't already seen this, it's a great date movie that's essentially about a bromance more than anything.

How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days

Another one that guys might enjoy, Kate Hudson is hot - even when she's playing the cray cray girlfriend that's every guy's nightmare. This movie has become a classic in the chick flick world, Matthew McConaghy at his best (second to his Oscar performances, naturally).



When Harry Met Sally

"I'll have what she's having", everyone knows that scene in the diner. This is a great film that depicts the difficulties of a male/female companionship. Can men and women ever just be friends?

Sleepless In Seattle


'What if someone you never met, someone you never saw, someone you never knew was the only someone for you?' A classic. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan on top of the empire state building. The movie ends when they first meet. One of the best soundtracks around as well.


While You Were Sleeping

Bill Pullman, Sandy from the O.C and Sandra Bullock make a recipe for a heart warming story about quite a serious coma... It all takes place around Christmas time and it'll make you feel all warm inside.



One Fine Day

Underrated movie with two of the best looking actors that ever there was, Michelle Pfiffer and George Clooney. One hellsih day in New York... The title is ironic, they needed it for the theme song.


The Wedding Date


'I think I'd miss you even if we'd never met' awww. Despite that cheesy line, this is a genuinely funny romantic comedy set in England, a good British Isles soundtrack and cast with an unexpected twist. (Well I didn't see it coming...)

Notting Hill

Hugh Grant in his heyday, this is one of the best chick flicks ever to come out of the 90's (just made it at 1999). A movie star and your average bumbling bloke bump into each other in Notting Hill, London.

10 Things I Hate About You


The late Heath Ledger in one of his best roles (...again, apart from his Oscar winning performance). A teenage high school comedy based on Shakespeare's 'The Taming Of The Shrew'. Great soundtrack and plenty of Shakespearian references to boot.


Sweet Home Alabama

Ok, so maybe it's not up there with the likes of  'Crazy Stupid Love' but it's still a great chick flick. Country girl turned city slicker goes back to her hometown to get a divorce... And the song is in it, twice.


No Strings Attached

One of the better chick flicks to come out of the 00's. A solid chemistry between Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher, apart from the height difference "You look like you're kidnapping me"


A Lot Like Love


Another Kutcher classic, this film is a little like 'When Harry Met Sally' in that it's a story told over a decade about a friendship between a man and a woman - not nearly as good but still worth a watch.

Friends With Benefits

JT and Mila Kunis almost shocked people with this racy rom com. Lots of sex and witty repartee.



The Notebook

Need we say much about this Nicholas Sparks novel turned 'best love story ever to exist ever'? This film marked the beginning of the Gosling obsession and is one of the very few examples of a film being superior to the book.

27 Dresses

The 'Benny And The Jets' scene when they're drunk in a bar really brought this film from being absolute shite to being half decent. Katherine Heigl is irritating at the best of times but this film is an easy watch that isn't terrible.  



Dirty Dancing

"Nobody puts baby in the corner"...Come on. This film was so sexy that as a pre-teen I was told to leave the room for certain scenes... and there's no actual sex in it. If you've never seen it, just do it. Tonight.


Pretty Woman


Ah, the old classic tale of a rich business man falling in love with a hooker... Unrealistic expectations of life does a good chick flick make. Great film in fairness, Julia Roberts at her best (apart from her Oscar winning performance, of course)



Jack, Rose, an iceberg and a nakey pic with boobies. Three hours summed up for ya.



Father Of The Bride

A story that's about the tender relationship between a father and his daughter. Steve Martin, Diane Keaton and Fronk - the wedding planner. A very enjoyable film of the wedding variety.


Only You


Another underrated gem. Robert Downey Jr and Marissa Tornei star in this funny rom com about a woman on the search for her 'one true love' that was spelled out to her on a Ouija board. Set in Italy, perfect chick flick.

Bridget Jones's Diary

Adapted from the famous novel by Helen Fielding, Renée Zellweger was made for this role. Hugh grant is the prick, Colin Firth is the hero, and her parents are hilarious. This has all the awkward moments that make a good cringy comedy.



Hitch is a great, feel good film with a surprisingly good message. Stop playing games and be yourself essentially. Will Smith and Eva Mendes sparkle in this light comedy.

Romy and Michelles High School Reuniun

"I invented post its", this film is awesome, it also has a brilliant 80's soundtrack and some one liners that will live on.


500 Days Of Summer

An offbeat romantic comedy that jumps all over time frame of... you guessed it - 500 days. Girl doesn't believe true love exists, guy falls in love with her. If you like Zooey Deschanel, you'll like this.



"You're just a virgin who can't drive", quite possibly one of the most 'way harsh' insults you can get at 17. This film has stood the test of time and will always be looked upon with fond memories. Plus Paul Rudd is in it, and everyone loves Paul Rudd.

The Proposal

Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock star in this genuinely funny chick flick about a Canadian buniness woman who needs a green card. 'To the window, to the walls, to the sweat dripping down my balls...' Great scene.


Just Friends

Ryan Reynolds strikes again. 'Just Friends' is set over Christmas and has Anna Faris who makes this film what it is, heavier on the comedy as opposed to the romance.

Coyote Ugly

Australian cheeky chappy Andy Garcia is the charming male lead in this otherwise mediocre chick flick. Tyra Banks and other hot women dancing on a bar in New York... worth a watch, can't fight the moonlight and all that.


Never Been Kissed

Apart from the fact that Drew Barrymore is one of the most annoying people ever, this film is pretty funny in parts and in fairness, the kiss at the end is as epic as a kiss can get.


Sliding Doors

Thought provoking film that crosses my mind 10 years later 'What if I had gotten the next luas? What if Burger King hadn't been closed? What if I'd worn my red scarf instead?'

Deep, man.

You've Got Mail

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are older and wiser in this one, they meet online and it is arguably as good as Sleepless In Seattle.



At the risk of sounding sexist, this film was made for women. It's about a life long friendship between two women who meet as kids. If you need a good cry, this is the one for you.


My Best Friends Wedding

This film is now 17 years old... what the actual fuck. A story about a woman who realises she's in love with her best friend when he tells her he's engaged... to Cameron Diaz. Good film with a great sing along scene.

The Holiday

Jack Black, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Kate Winslet... How could this have not been one of the greatest chick flicks ever.  Entertaining and sweet, this is a classic feel good rom com.


Mean Girls

Has become almost a cult classic considering it came out 10 YEARS AGO! Back when Lindsay Lohan was all ginger and real. Funny, high school comedy that even has Tina Fey in it.

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