11 Tweets Anyone Studying For Their Christmas Exams Will Relate To

11 Tweets Anyone Studying For Their Christmas Exams Will Relate To

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year for anyone who isn't sitting in a freezing cold room with hand cramps and an invigilator from West Meath.

Anyone who has ever sat a Christmas exam will know that endless cramming sessions, the "I'll study tomorrow" reminders, the buckets of caffeine and the hourly freakouts are. Here are 11 tweets that recognise the struggles of studying for exams at Christmas:

1. You cannot relate to people who aren't doing exams:

2. Christmas music is banned until your done:


3. You'd rather be lied to during your Christmas exams then face another emotional hurdle:

4. You'll pray that your college and its faculty will see the true meaning of Christmas:


5. You spend more time freaking out about Christmas exams than actually studying:

6. Then you'll promise yourself you'll just watch that one Christmas movie to break up the hell of Christmas:


7. And you'll realise this is now your life:

8. Your exams have become your mortal enemy that's sole purpose is to destroy you:


9. You no longer eat three solid meals a day:

10. You're whacking out those prayers to St Anthony like it's the Leaving Cert 2.0:



11.  But your thankful that your exams aren't after Christmas - sorry about it TCD:

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